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Roadwork Solutions

Roadwork Solutions was started in 2010, to service the Civil, Building and Construction industry. Now an Industry leader
with 10 years’ experience in traffic management working for
a wide range of clients on some of the largest projects in Sydney.

Our aim is to provide clients with a safe, professional traffic management service on a cost effective basis. We continually review and improve our systems and procedures to ensure we remain an industry leader in our field.

We manage and coordinated traffic management programs and projects for all our clients from planning, design to implementation.

We manage and coordinated traffic management programs and projects for all our clients from planning, design to implementation. We have developed strong working relationships with Trafnsport for NSW and many council’s in the Sydney metropolitan area. Roadwork Solutions delivers Traffic Management Plans which include Traffic Control, Vehicle Movement and Pedestrian Movement, for both manned and unmanned worked sites. We handle RMS Road Occupancy License, Speed Zone Authorisation applications and approvals and help clients liaise with Local Councils and RMS Asset Management, for all other required approvals.

Our service includes the provision of qualified staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plus a wide range of our own traffic control devices, including; flashing arrow boards and variable message signs. We have over 160 staff and a fleet of over 50 specialised traffic management vehicles with a large range of traffic management equipment. We are flexible and can handle any increase or decrease in the volume of work sought by our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A road occupancy licence allows the proponent to use a specified road space at approved times, provided certain conditions are met. The licence applies to the occupation of the “road space” only and does not imply permission or approval for the actual (physical) works being
undertaken. It is up to the proponent to obtain the relevant approvals from other agencies, such as Water Board Authorities etc.

The location of the road occupancy defines the agency which is responsible for issuing the approval. For all occupancies that are on or may impact upon a classified road (state roads), applications are to be made to the Planned Incident Unit .Occupancies that impact solely upon unclassified (council) roads, application are to be made to the relevant local council authority.

Proponents SHOULD allow a minimum of 10 working days for processing from date of receipt.

Roadwork Solutions services the Sydney Metro area and surrounds, including the Central Coast, Wollongong & the Blue Mountains. For any works outside Sydney Metro, additional travel charges may be incurred. Please contact our team on 1300 433 093 to discuss.

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